Tuesday, November 13, 2012

An amazing adventure, meeting Tim!!

This picture was taken in 2010, it's a moment that I will never forget! It was only on Friday that I read on Tim's blog about his travel plans to the Netherlands, so I had to find out where he would be the next day, and yes, never would have dreamed to even get a reply to my e-mail asking for more details on where and when he was going to be! BUT I DID! Couldn't be happier to see Tim's mail in my inbox! WOW! So next day me and dh took a drive of about 2 hours and you can't imagine how excited I was!! No way would I ever meet Tim! I took my book 'Distressables' with me to get Tim's signature, off course! Everything was so well organised, we were all sitting at a table in groups of about 6 to 8, anxious waiting to meet Mr. Tim! It was so cool to see Mario too! Once we were installed, I got the news and reason why Tim was there, to present and sign his 1st Compendium, nooooooo, I didn't know, neither did I order one! And the shop was sold out, freaaaaaaaaaking out!! So Tim started his tour, signing, happy faces everywhere, me happy too, I brought a book, better 1 book in your hand... Now anyway, just only a minute after Tim signed my 'Distressables II' I saw the super nice shop owner coming to me (she knew I wanted that book badly) and she had one in her hands, saying, look what I found for you! Nooooooo way!!!! Was I the happiest person on earth, oh yes yes yes, now both books got a personal touch from Tim, 2 autographed super books sitting on my shelf :-), life is full of surprises! Even after more than a year, when surfing the www I even found a video on you tube taken that day, the shop owner was capturing some moments during the event and I'm on it, with Tim! Yeah, what an amazing surprise!! A 1000 thank you to Tim for his patience and for signing both of my/his books :-), and a million thank you's to the shop in Ede!

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