Sunday, August 10, 2014

JoM France Pappillon 100th challenge

Hello to all JoM fans of France Pappillon! Here is my attempt to join this challenge!
First I wanted a lot of texture, I did so by adding paper scraps, old book scraps, cambric, fabric.
Then I covered all with white gesso.
Then I added more texture by adding glass bead gel on a stencil.
I love the Prima Color Bloom Sprays, I wanted a soft colored background and used sparkling pastel Soft Teal and Sultry Shimmer Cobalt, the last color was also sprayed on a heart stencil.
I added a picture and some butterflies using a simple punch and white gel pen, and finito! Hope you like it!
ok sorry but seems my pictures are inserted in the blog upside down, hmm, I'm totally not used writing on my blog!
Hugs, Nancy xx

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

An amazing adventure, meeting Tim!!

This picture was taken in 2010, it's a moment that I will never forget! It was only on Friday that I read on Tim's blog about his travel plans to the Netherlands, so I had to find out where he would be the next day, and yes, never would have dreamed to even get a reply to my e-mail asking for more details on where and when he was going to be! BUT I DID! Couldn't be happier to see Tim's mail in my inbox! WOW! So next day me and dh took a drive of about 2 hours and you can't imagine how excited I was!! No way would I ever meet Tim! I took my book 'Distressables' with me to get Tim's signature, off course! Everything was so well organised, we were all sitting at a table in groups of about 6 to 8, anxious waiting to meet Mr. Tim! It was so cool to see Mario too! Once we were installed, I got the news and reason why Tim was there, to present and sign his 1st Compendium, nooooooo, I didn't know, neither did I order one! And the shop was sold out, freaaaaaaaaaking out!! So Tim started his tour, signing, happy faces everywhere, me happy too, I brought a book, better 1 book in your hand... Now anyway, just only a minute after Tim signed my 'Distressables II' I saw the super nice shop owner coming to me (she knew I wanted that book badly) and she had one in her hands, saying, look what I found for you! Nooooooo way!!!! Was I the happiest person on earth, oh yes yes yes, now both books got a personal touch from Tim, 2 autographed super books sitting on my shelf :-), life is full of surprises! Even after more than a year, when surfing the www I even found a video on you tube taken that day, the shop owner was capturing some moments during the event and I'm on it, with Tim! Yeah, what an amazing surprise!! A 1000 thank you to Tim for his patience and for signing both of my/his books :-), and a million thank you's to the shop in Ede!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Donna Downey

Scraptastic was awesome, Donna's workshops are really so much fun!! I've enjoyed every minute of it! See you in a few months!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

A little more practice needed...

I've been trying to create my own blog for a while now, it's not working out perfectly, but hey, I'm getting there :-), I have so many great things to share with you, I'll really have to go back in the past and let you enjoy! For now, I should find a workshop 'how do I create a super blog!?) big hug!